BEER HUT BREWING CO.  started the way most craft beer companies do - homebrewing, and six years ago to be precise!

It very quickly turned into a passion rather than a hobby.  Hours were poured into crafting and perfecting recipes to our taste...and we loved it. The whole damm process!


There is something so very satisfying about filling a chilled glass with the fruits of your labour, to see steady carbonation forming a very appealing frothy head to crown your long awaited golden reward.


That's not to say we didn't have any hurdles to jump, we've had plenty, and we're still jumping over them, but with every mistake we learn something new or develop a new way of doing things. It's all part of the hand crafted beer process.


We reached a stage when we thought we were producing to a standard that would be appreciated by other craft beer enthusiasts.

"Let's just do it, what have we got to lose?!"  

The result... two brothers-in-law in a hut making  great beer.



Well, thats not the  whole story. The first thing we needed to do was build our brewery! Thankfully the skills of our trades (plumber/joiner)  helped with  this almightly task!

Our beer is not the only thing which is hand crafted - so is our brewery! From selecting equipment to building our hut and plumbing all the machinery - we did it all. And that, my friend's, is where BEER HUT BREWING CO. got it's name.


Now we are in production with our three core beers,

'Ahoy Captain!' Irish Sea Salted IPA,

'Wahey IPA!'       and

'Listen to the lager'.






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