BEER HUT BREWING CO. is a small batch brewery based in Kilkeel Co.Down.

We pride ourselves in crafting our beer from the selecting the raw ingredients to hand bottling, packaging and delivering straight to our customer. *FRESH*


This really is craft beer production on the small scale, and at BEER HUT we believe that this lends itself in producing a local, high quality craft beer.


We have implemented an old brewery method called 'bottle conditioning' .

Just before we bottle our nectar we add a small amount of sugar and yeast; once the yeast start to feed on the added sugar we then get CO2 production! This in turn leaves our beer lovely and bubbly!


We have spent a lot of time undertaking plenty of experimental brews to finally select 0ur three core beers :



Ahoy Captain !  Irish Sea Salted  IPA 7.4 ABV


Our Irish Sea salted IPA takes inspiration from the stormy Irish sea.

Brewed with pale ale base malt and caramalt to add character and compliment the salt.

Just a hint of salt at that.

While there is certainly a big hop presence in this beer (as there should be with any IPA)

the salt is definately the star of the show.

Don't be afraid and try this unique IPA and you will  find yourself caught in the perfect storm!






Capture2 ahoy wahey snip

Wahey IPA ! 5.6 ABV


Packed full of citrus and zest, the flavours are delivered straight from the specially selected six different hop varieties.

This beer; light in colour, full aroma IPA is what we are all about!    Wahey!

Our first quest  on the craft beer horizon was to craft an IPA that we would be proud to call our own!

We decided to go all out on the hop front, dry hopping for seven days in the fermenter before bottling.

Single malt and lots of hops, thats it.

Wahey IPA! is certainly something to shout about and thats how the name was born!




lager snip



Not a conventional lager... You'll find this craft lager slightly darker in colour than what you would expect from most mass produced lagers.

Brewed with a locally sourced lager malt and generously hopped with cascade hops to give an alternative lager taste with a crisp finish.

Smooth.... you will definately taste the difference.


Listen to the lager... and drink it!